"I have the ability to increase my ass"—Miranda

Angel or Miranda is a onara fighter,she appears in Eight Marbles ura and Eight Marbles2x             

Eight MarblesEdit

In Eight Marbles, her original name was Angel. Her style of fighting is aerial, and Onara. She uses her Angel Rings, or Angel Burst attacks, to aid her in battle. The Sprite of Angel is different from the current game. She's possibly the main character because she is the first character in the select character screen. Her rival can be Arekuto-Belphegor (Demon) or her sister Megaira-Belphegor because they’re demons.

Eight Marbles CPU Battle 11 - Miranda vs Pamela

Eight Marbles CPU Battle 11 - Miranda vs Pamela

  • Angel09

    I think this ass will be explode!!! with farts!!! (Miranda Finisher 01)


    The old sprite in the Firts Game

Eight Marbles 2xEdit

"Angel that appeared in order to defeat the demon that appeared in the country of the king"-Little history about of Miranda.

"I have the ability to increase my ass"—Miranda. 
Miranda best ass

Oh no Miranda will be explode!!! (Miranda Finisher 03)

Angel returns to Eight Marbles 2x known as Miranda (Her real name) She's still has her style of fighting, aerial and fart clouds. The Sprite of Miranda is updated. 


Miranda(Angel) in Eight Marbles2x

Miranda vs Luce Gameplay

Miranda vs Luce Gameplay


.Miranda Could be the first character in the Game.

.Her rivals can be Arekuto-Belphegor & Megaira-Belphegor Eight Marbles Ura Eight Marbles2x